Mosaic is the art of connecting broken pieces to form a new design. I use mosiacs to connect with the countries I live in, practicing and teaching the art to those around me to connect with people and enable others to connect with eachother.
Victory Glas Factory – Nachwort
Victory Glas Factory – Nachwort

Victory Glas Factory – Nachwort

As the end of Episode 3 mentions, Victory Glas Factory has developed an impressive mosaic art department. There under the inspiring leadership 130 artists, designer and skilled workers are producing mosaic murals of paintings of famous chinese artist and other more decorative works for private clients.

I was invited to visit both the gallery of mosaic works and the pavillion of JNJ – the mosaic design department at the Guangzhou design fair.

These are the works of artists working for Bizen Mosaic, the artistic branch of Victory Glass, exhibited at a specially designed gallery for mosaic art during the design fair. It was very crowded when I visited with my assistant Shui Zhu.

But also the works in the pavillion for decorative Mosaics – JNJ – are speaking a very nice language and are masterfully crafted.

For these works Victoria Glass Company has its own line of artistic glass production. On the left you can see the glass pizzas that are produced to be used in artistic mosaics. On the large works like murals several workers work together mainly on the floor (for Asian people crouching is a normal position and is used in many occasions in everyday life) – I think this laying position of large scale mosaics hasn’t changed since the thousands of years that mosaics are produced.

I am very grateful for the management of Bizen Mosaic to invite me to see how they work. I gave a talk about my community mosaic projects and shared what I know about natural stone cutting.

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