Where Porcelain comes from
Where Porcelain comes from

Where Porcelain comes from

As part of my residency to explore the interfaces between mosaic and porcelain craft I went on an excursion to Jingdezhen, the birthplace of porcelain.

We took the train to ride slow into history. Porcelain production started in the area around Jingdezhen in the 11 century.

Jingdezhen is a small city in the middle of China. Everyone who has a window to the street sells porcelain or pottery. Even the street lamps are exhibiting porcelain.

And many are producing it. There are the small shaggy type workshops carrying out the traditional art of porcelain production now mainly using casts but painting the pieces still by hand with the intricate patterns of nature. And there are the modern state owned or private workshops and factories experimenting with new designs and production techniques to maximize revenue.

Unfortunately the historic area with the ancient kilns dating back to the 11century was under reconstruction and we arrived late in the vast museum at the fringe of the city showing mosaic history on 4 floors.

It was nice to see the craft very much alive and we could lay hands on the pottery wheel feeling the soft clay molding under our fingers.

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