Community Art is the way to go!
Community Art is the way to go!

Community Art is the way to go!

In September 2020 I was rewarded the Robin Brett Scholarship 2020 of SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists) This recognition filled me with a lot of pride and the comments the two Jurors wrote gave me a lot of support for my work as a community artist.

When traveling is responsible again I will be interning with the “community arts and empowerment” project in Watsonville, California. Here is their website:


  1. sarah

    I am so proud of you and impressed with your work in communities around the world as both an artist and a teacher. You should come to Tucson,
    Arizona and work with migrants and refugees from Latin American and Mexico.

  2. Elisabeth Raiser

    Congratulations, dear Gertrud! Arts and maybe in a specific way mosaic art seems to be such a wonderful intercultural and community building thing that you discovered in Brasilia and now have developped in Bejing! That is really great! Elisabeth

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