Welcome to Mosaic Art International (MAI) exhibition

This year is a special year because we can visit exhibitions from our kitchen table. Please feel invited to go with me and visit the MAI 2021 exhibition. I will look at 5 works everyday and share the one that touched me most that day with you.

this is my choice for today:

it touched me because Melanies experience with the trees resonates with me. Trees have consolidated me when feeling restless and uprooted.

If you would like to wonder through the gallery of exquisite mosaic art then please open the link to the gallery below:

Mosaic workshops

In November 2020 I started to give regular workshops in the studio again. It is always a joy for me to see so many different mosaics being created in the space of the studio and to bring the faszination of mosaic craft to many people. As life of the average Beijinger is densely planned and mostly digital from shopping to paying to chatting the aim of the workshops is next to spend a couple of hours relaxed and unplugged in creating something beautiful with your own hands. The material we use – easy to break glass mosaic tiles in the most intriguing colors and shines – are a very suitable material for these workshops.