Mosaic is the art of connecting broken pieces to form a new design. I use mosiacs to connect with the countries I live in, practicing and teaching the art to those around me to connect with people and enable others to connect with eachother.
Community mosaics
Community mosaics

“Delivering as one”

Corporate teambuilding mosaic for United Nations Regional Coordination Office, Beijing

Dear Ms. Muller,

On behalf of the UN Country team in China, I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your contributions to our recently concluded retreat in Beijing. The preparation of the mosaic was one of the highlights of our program. All participants joined the activity with great enthusiasm and were most grateful for the opportunity to work with you and your team. The mosaic will make a most impressive addition to our office and provide tangible evidence of what can be achieved when working together…..

Siddhardt Chatterjee, UN resident coordinator, 07 June 2021

In May 2021 MosaicMoments was commissioned to engage 30 heads of UN agencies in a mosaic making session with the aim to experience each other in a totally different activity compared with their usual interactions via emails, phone calls and meetings.
The output was to be a mosaic made out of 30 squares for the staircase of the newly renovated building of the Regional Coordination Office.The client asked to depict the new UN slogan “Delivering as one” in the design as well as using the color codes for the UN publication materials.

Design by Kersten von Sohlern

MosaicMoments team prepared glass materials, work boards and tools for 30 workstations and transformed one of the meeting rooms into a mosaic workshop.The location was the Chun Hui Yuan Resort at the fringe of Beijing City where the retreat was taking place.

During the 2h workshop the participants broke material into tesserae and assembled the colorful glass squares into random letters and patterns, not knowing about the overall design, which wasn’t revealed to the crowd.

After one hour of quiet diligent work everyone got together in the center of the room and started to make sense of the letters randomly put together.

The slogan was guessed fast by one of the young female participants.

Feedback was extremely positive about the effect of immersing into colors and being completely taken away from business thought but yet contributing to a beautiful outcome that will decorate the work environment.

Project 116 preparations

Many of you reading the previous blog asked about the preparations. Yes it took a lot of preparations and a lot of time to make this community mosaic event happen.

Typical Beijing scooter in his winter outfit

The idea to turn one of my first impressions of Beijing into a mosaic lingered in my head already for more than one year. Meeting Thomas Denker at the joined BAMM (British Association of Mosaic Artists ) And DOMO e.V. (Deutsche Organisation für Mosaikkunst) in York 2019 and getting to know his very interesting computer generated photo mosaics, gave me the idea to try and use this technique for a mosaic produced by a team. After a few playful trials during spring 2020 it turned November when I seriously started to develop the designs with my assistant Zhu Shui. She helped with her photoshop skills to make the photo collage – a caricature of a typical Beijing scooter set in front of a landmark building in Beijing, the Wanjing SoHo.

In December 2020 Thomas in Frankfurt rendered the image into 18 pixallated mosaic segments and produced the color chart and material lists for each segment.

In January 21 after finding all the 116 shades of colors in my material stock (this took me about one week going through all the glass mosaic tiles I have) 9 volunteers helped cutting the tiles into 5000 pieces.

The two project assistants Zhu Shui and Yuan Hang assembled most of the material boxes counting out 426 tesserae for each box in up to 60 different colors per box and helped preparing the work boards with the numbered sheets for each segment.

Thanks to the beautiful words of editor and marketing specialist Annalize Heyns places filled within half a day.

The day before the “mosaic happening” my friend Barbara helped with her practical glance to arrange tables and chairs so that 18 workstations were arranged in my studio waiting for the 21 participants to come.

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