Athos Meets Gaudi Mosaic Mural – installation and inauguration

Athos Meets Gaudi Mosaic Mural – installation and inauguration

On October 6 and 10 we installed the mosaic tiles made by the staff members of the UNDP Brazil on this wall at the UN house in Brasilia:

Tiles waiting to be installed !
Mabes the mason glued the first row of tilesl. It was a first time for me and him to install tiles on a dry wall. A lot of research and consulting with different builders and company that built this office building brought us to use the strongest tile glue in the market and prepare the wall in scratching off the paint it was painted with as much as we could.
We worked into the night having to use additional light.
Happy and tired after 10 hours of work – Ligia the project assistant, Mabes the mason and me.
After 3 days – grouting the tiles with black grout. Very happy about the outcome!
There it is! Adding color to the lobby area and really making a difference!
The view from the receptionist desk onto the mosaic.
The “Sprout” on the second floor exactly above the same rows as on the wall below.
It also benefits the building behind the main one as the mosaic is seen through the glass doors and personnel is passing many times a day.

On 24th of October the wall was inaugurated in a small ceremony:

First Niky Fabiancic, UN coordinator for Brazil spoke about the importance of encounters and the encounter of two different artists Athos Bulcão and Antonio Gaudi symbolizing this in the mosaic design and putting it into action by staff of UNDP having an encounter with mosaic craft during the production of the mosaic
Despite the many more colors participants freely chose from we could still follow the original meta pattern that Athos Bulcão suggested in his technical drawing keeping the geometrical designs of lines and bigger triangles visible, here I explain this to the audience.

Pulling the ribbon

The most moving speeches came from the participants in the project. Hear them in this video below:

If you can not open the video for any reason, please find the translation of the speeches here:

Jeziel: “We have made a piece that should keep for many years to come if its well preserved. It fills me with pride to leave a physical mark next to the intellectual work here at the UN house”

Carol: “To make the UN house a public space this will be a work that we will show with a lot of pride and joy. Speaking about my experience – my mosaic tile is here: obviously the most beautiful one – I have to confess Gertrud, when I arrived at the workshop and you told me I had to break the tile with a hammer, I thought I wouldn’t be capable of doing it.  I am a very analytical and rational person. So, when I looked at the work that had to be done, I thought, oh my god, how will I ever be able to finish this? It was a wonderful experience. …”

Edel: “Mine is next to Carols tile – and I want to say: our work here is so tight and intense it was a unique experience. I managed to stop the time, together with my colleagues never mentioning work, every one of us focusing on their mosaic. It was just a moment of colors, a universe of colors. To see my boss relaxed/distracted like a child without thinking of work or deadlines/schedules  was fantastic [LAUGHTER]. We turned into children and we had a lot of fun. I managed to stop time and entered into this marvelous experience …”

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  1. Elisabeth Raiser

    What a great inauguration – and these speeches show how wonderful this experience of working together at such a big mosaic work was for all! They’ll never forget it and I am sure they will tallk about it again and again in their offices – forgetting for a moment the next deadlines etc…
    I enjoy a lot to be able to follow and admire this work from the other side of the Atlantic!
    Best wishes and greetings from Berlin, Elisabeth

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