Mosaic is the art of connecting broken pieces to form a new design. I use mosiacs to connect with the countries I live in, practicing and teaching the art to those around me to connect with people and enable others to connect with eachother.
Mosaic Moments
Own Works

Own Works

As I am an expatriate, moving from country to country every couple of years, each place inspires my work and I change the material for my mosaics according to what is available locally. I started with making mosaics in Roman style using natural stone in Turkey. Then I moved to Brazil where the vivid colors of their glazed ceramic tiles inspired and became the prevailing material of my mosaics. In China where I reside at the moment the cheapest glass tiles, produced here for the bathrooms of the world, attracting through their endless colors and effects, are my choice of material for my projects.

Mosaics made in China 2019 – till now

Mosaics made in Brazil 2016 – 2019

Mosaics made in Turkey 2012 – 2015

Mosaics for architectural surfaces in Turkey, Brazil, China and Germany

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