Community Mosaics

Community Mosaics

In 2014, in Turkey, my friend Miriam explained the difficult situation refugee women were in, as they were not allowed to work and had little to do with their time. We both knew how time consuming making mosaics is and what impact working together on a communal project can have for peoples sense of community – this was how the Refugee Community Mosaic was born and what sparked my passion for making community mosaics with people around the world.

Since 2014 I have conducted several other community mosaic projects in Brazil and China. I gain great joy of taking on the art director role for these projects and am thrilled how working together not only provides a sense of connection, but also gives the initial design some surprising charactersistics.

About my latest community art happening in Beijing – project 116 – participants said:

Great project, great activity, great company, wonderful community art! Great Saturday! Thank you Gertrud.

Paloma Sanchez

Indeed, it was such a wonderful workshop. The joint efforts made the experience special. Music was also carefully selected that was  like a breeze touching the peaceful inner self in the early spring. Thank you Gertrud for the great time! 


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It is also a great honor to have received the SAMA scholarship 2020 to learn from the impressive “community arts & empowerment” project in Watsonville/CA.