Residency @ Caicifang Porcelain Studio Beijing
Residency @ Caicifang Porcelain Studio Beijing

Residency @ Caicifang Porcelain Studio Beijing

From April 10 until June 22 visitors had the chance to view my mosaic exhibition at the famous Yang Mei Zhu hutong street south of Tienanmen Square in the middle of Beijing. 

The invitation came from the Caicifang Porcelain Art Studio, which has a mission to educate the public about porcelain and other arts&craft techniques as cultural heritage of China. 

As in mosaic we use similar materials – Glas and glazed tiles and sometimes porcelain pieces in the specific mosaic technique called “Pique assiette” I was the first artist in residence for Caicifang to show my art and also learn from the porcelain conservators of Caicifang about the history of Porcelain (which originates from China) and also the techniques of mending porcelain vessels, which has survived in Japan as Kintsugi (gold joining), which like in mosaic uses the lines between the pieces as design elements. 

On April 10 at the opening of the exhibition I gave a talk about mosaic history and mosaic tools and materials to a very interested audience .

held I held 3 workshops in mosaic techniques including ancient chinese porcelain shards were well frequented and 

I experimented myself with “Pique assiette” technique and learnded about Kintsugi, which means gold joining and I gilded grout lines to draw the attention to a particular area in the mosaic.

The exhibition draw a lot of attention. Please see an excerpt from the visitors book

The comments in Chinese translate:

”I like Mueller’s Mosaic Works very much, which depict the urban characteristics.”

“ Mysterious corner of Beijing, very beautiful.”

“Very beautiful work. I can feel the style and characteristics of different countries”

In June (the exhibition got extended), when I came back to take down the artworks, to my surprise I found a large mosaic made of porcelain squares. In the last weeks of the exhibition Caicifang offered visitors to join in to make this mosaic. The community art spirit did inspire and will stay at Caicifang,



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