Mosaic is the art of connecting broken pieces to form a new design. I use mosiacs to connect with the countries I live in, practicing and teaching the art to those around me to connect with people and enable others to connect with eachother.
Month: <span>December 2017</span>
Month: December 2017

2017 retrospective

Looking back through this year it makes me extremely happy and satisfied that so many beautiful mosaics have developed in the mosaic moments studio.

grape vine from oikos asarotos mosaic (2c CE) Vatican Museum Rome

Giving classes to adults and children was the time  I always looked forward to in 2017. Tuesday evening and Wednesdays, my teaching days,  are my “social days” in the studio and a great change to my otherwise “lonely time” creating my own works.

Teaching teaches me: with Irina I ventured into first works with the brazilian vitreous glass – Vidrotil.

Ligia brought the fabulous cutting bottle:

Oraida advised me on the frame for my lemon mosaic:

So thank you to all my students to give me the chance to pass on what I most like in life – making and learning about mosaics.

Looking forward to finish this community mosaic in January 2018 and to more mosaic encounters with many more people ! Happy New Year!

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