Mosaic is the art of connecting broken pieces to form a new design. I use mosiacs to connect with the countries I live in, practicing and teaching the art to those around me to connect with people and enable others to connect with eachother.
1 Year in Beijing
1 Year in Beijing

1 Year in Beijing

Today I am one year in Beijing. Look how my studio has developed!

I have found an apartment with a studio space on the 5th floor (no lift – keeps me fit)

Education at 3 conferences : the yearly conference of SAMA – Society of American Mosaic artists in Nashville – where my community project in Brasilia was exhibited

Annual conference of BAMM (British Association of Mosaic Masters &DOMO (Deutsche Organisation für Mosaic, where I attended a workshop with Thomas Denker a German mosaic artist who created a computer program to make sophisticated pixel mosaics.

I reconnected with my friend Sani Wroblewski who supported me in my first attempts to make mosaic in Ankara. Together we created the community mosaic “Dragon” for the Dragons Garden where mosaic moments studio has its home in Beijing.

Discovering public mosaic projects in New York, Washington DC, Detroit, Istanbul and Hongkong. See also my blogs in April, October 2019 and January 2020.

Testing new materials on new backgrounds – a lot of glass mosaic stones found its way to my studio here in Beijing – an inheritant of another mosaic artist who transited through Beijing and left some mosaic enthusiasts and a lot of material behind that I can now benefit from. Sorting the many colors and shapes took these diligent helpers several days.

I am planning to start mosaic classes as soon as the Beijing administration will open schools and allows the Beijingers to gather physically again.


  1. Dear Mrs. Gertrud; great to see your mosaic activities have reached to higher levels, being involved in different cultures from around the world. I am following your newsletters with interest. Greetings from Ankara. Evren from company Turan Bekisoglu Marble.

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