mosaics for the house and garden

shower wall, vitreous glass tile, Brasilia 2017

Mural, vidrotil and vitreous glass, Brasilia 2017
shower stone, Brasilia 2017, natural stone, design inspiration detail of Poseidon Mosaic (roman 2c CE), Zeugma Museum, Gaziantep ,Turkey

table 50x50x30, top ceramic, base steel, Brasilia 2017
Gertrud Müller, tile fabric, ceramic, 41x41 cm,
mosaic tile, 42×42 cm, ceramic with black ceramic grout

tile fabric, side view, gertrud müller

tile 30×12 cm, ceramic tiles,  mounted onto balcony wall in Ankara (2012)


Ayvalik mosaic

Mosaic floor and wall design, 4m2 natural stone, Ayvalik, Turkey 2015                                            inspired by Poseidon mosaic, Zeugma Museum, Gaziantep, Turkey


Bird baths

3 ceramic bird baths (length of oval 30cm), marble and various sedimentary rock tesserae set in roman cement, ceramic bowl hand painted and glazed, crafted in Ravenna technique (2015)



IMG_7062-Editar - Thomas BF
mosaic decorated clay vase, natural stone tesserae mounted with white glue and grouted with roman cement (2012)


Islamic geometric patterns

three ceramic plates, 20x20cm,  mosaic material: ceramic pieces from ottoman tiles, marble tesserae, crafted in direct method and set in black tile cement





series of Mosaic studies set in handcrafted ceramic plates 

hand crafted ceramic plates by atolye kil, Ankara, decorated with mosaic from natural stone, pebbles, ceramic shards set in roman cement, crafted in direct method, 2013

study of direct technique, 10×10 cm
IMG_7083-Editar - Thomas BF
study of pebble mosaic set in indirect method
IMG_7082-Editar - Thomas BF
study with beach pebbles and tesserae cut from pebbles from Olympos beach, Antalya region, Turkey
IMG_7080-Editar - Thomas BF
study with 0,5cm2 tesserae and black grout
IMG_7084-Editar - Thomas BF
dynamic bird in dynamic plate
Series of black&white ceramic plates

IMG_7088-Editar - Thomas BF

IMG_7085-Editar - Thomas BF IMG_7086-Editar - Thomas BF

refugee community mosaic

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RCM FEb 15 grouted not washed