Refugee Community Mosaic film recognized at 13th ICCM conference in Oct 2017

What comes to your mind when you hear mosaic? Was the theme for a  call for videos by ICCM (International Committee on the Conservation of Mosaics) in January 2017. It inspired me to use the material, photos and quotes from participants of the refugee community mosaic project back in 2015 to make a short video about the project.

In April my suggestion for the video was selected. In June 2017, one month before the deadline to submit the film, endless hours being drawn into the project that became live again on my computer screen passed making the film. I received great help from friends editing text, speaking the quotes in arabic, organizing the agreement of the participants to show their pictures.

When I got the audio file with a music from Shalan Alhamwy that originally was not composed for the film and putting it into the program it immediately fitted the scenes on the images. As if the music was composed especially for this video. This was amazing.

In August to my surprise the video got selected to be shown at the conference in Barcelona amongst 15 videos about mosaic heritage conservation. This was the decisive moment for me to by my ticket to Barcelona to take part in the conference on mosaic heritage preservation. (13th ICCM conference Barcelona 2017)

A lot of positive comments from the 250 participants from 35 countries reached me during this week 15-20. Oct 2017.

At the end of the conference the video was recognized with the “coup de coeur” prize.

Seeing the film on a big screen in the auditorium was amazing. Have a look yourself!







A material procurement visit to Sao Paolo

A week ago Cida and I went on a material procurement visit to Sao Paolo. We wanted to visit 3 shops for mosaic material, but in the end only managed to get to two of them because the distances between them were too large. Moving around in SP the 3rd largest city in the world with its 21 Million inhabitants is time consuming.

Our first stop was

Loved the pixeled wall decorations outside the warehouse of color mix

A tile outlet at the outskirts of SP. Finding our way there we learned that the best way of moving around is to take the metro until the nearest stop and get an Uber from that stop to your destination. Color Mix has a huge outlet division for vitreous glass tiles, marble, terra-cotta and ceramic tiles. I bought some beautiful bottle green ceramic tiles and black marble, which I urgently need in the work shop.

Vidrotil – outlet

At the show room of the manufacturer of glass tiles – vidrotil we indulged in their outlet of end of production glass tiles. I have seen many works already made from vidrotil on the walls of buildings in Rio, Sao Paolo and Brasilia. The family business exists since 1946 and we were fortunate to meet the owner Mario Pellicciotti at the shop.

At the end of our trip we visited this mural made from Vidrotil which is pictured in the photo below a work by Di Cavalcante one of the great mosaic artists of the 50s in BrasilDi Cavalcanti was one of the greatest names of the modernist Brazilian plastic arts. In São Paulo he became famous for his many mosaic panels, of which the most notable ones decorate the façade of the Cultura Artística Theater and the old building of the O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper, nowadays a hotel. He began his career as a cartoonist and caricaturist of political critic Brazilian magazines.

Mosaikli Ev – Mosaikhaus – ready for holiday rental

5u0a5883I am very happy that finally, after meticulous renovations, the Mozaikli Ev in Ayvalik is now ready to receive guests. You might have followed my diary on this blog about the creation of the mosaic floor in the hamam of the house. It had always been my intention to make a natural stone mosaic that people could enjoy by using it and not just as an art object. I was fascinated by the durability of the ancient mosaics and their subtle colors and wanted to recreate the experience that people in ancient times would have had. Like in an antique roman villa, guests are greeted at the entrance with a bird from Sobesos in Cappadocia.



And life with the mosaics continues in the garden hamam. Whilst playing with water sitting on the marble benches at the hamam  you can be part of the conversation of  friends, sitting around the garden table in the shade of the mulberry tree,  contemplating the different fish from Zeugma’s Neptun, Oceanus and Tethys Mosaic on the hamam floor.


If Mosaikli Ev has whetted your appetite and you’d like to see more, you can visit  the magnificent mosaics of Pergamon’s “Building Z” only one hour car ride away.

Mosaikli Ev offers not just an experience of living with mosaics. The house is in the old center of Ayvalik, a little harbor and market town on the Aegean coast, where you can still find lots of traditional Turkish small town life, and indulge in delicious Turkish food. Mosaikli Ev is an old stone house, beautifully renovated and fitted with all modern amenities!

  • spacious live-in kitchen equipped for fine cooking sessions
  • 6 beds (2 bedrooms with double beds, 2 divan beds in kitchen and upstairs living area)
  • 2 bath rooms/toilets
  • dishwasher
  • washer/dryer
  • terrasse with magnificent sea view
  • shady garden with garden hamam for cooling in summer and warming in winter
  • floor heating and a fire place to keep you cozy throughout the year

If this sounds attractive to you then be our guest and enjoy your holiday at the Mosaikli Ev (mosaic house) in Ayvalik!

The house has been decorated and is lovingly serviced by Manzara Ayvalik. Please contact the manzara team for more information and booking:

TEL : +90 212 252 4660
FAX : +90 212 249 0916

If you want to contact us, Gertrud&Martin, the proud owners, please write to