Um Bonde para Santa Teresa

Tomorrow, August 25,  these 4 mosaics will travel together with me and Anna from Brasilia to Rio de Janeiro. On Saturday, 26 August, they will be installed with 96 of similar tram mosaic designs from various mosaic enthusiasts from all over Brazil and South America in a wall along the closed down tracks of the tram that is a land mark of the old part of town Santa Tereza in Rio de Janeiro. This community mosaic got inspired by Andréa Aires Imbiriba, a mosaic artist from Rio de Janeiro. When the first 100 mosaics got installed in February 2017 it found such great response that a second phase was agreed. My studio “mosaic moments” is participating with 4 bondinhos.

first phase of mosaic mural “um bonde para Santa Teresa” 100 mosaics by various artists and friends, installed on Feb 4 2017
4 mosaic bondinhos from mosaic moments studio Brasilia will be installed in Saturday Aug 26, 2017 in Rio de Janeiro  designs by Gertrud Müller, Anna van der Heyden, Judy Wolf and Emma Villedrouin
this Athos Bulcão wall design from the building of the national congress in Brasilia gave the inspiration of my design of the bondinho


Mosaic Moments Studio exhibition

On June 6-9  2017  mosaics produced at the Mosaic Moments Studio Brasilia were admired by many visitors in the landscape of a  beautiful gardens in Lago Sul / Brasilia.

wall designs of students and their teacher, Gertrud Müller
mosaic designs around water
bird baths by Gertrud Müller inspired by mosaics from the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, Gaziantep, Turkey
Gold Fish – out door wall design  by Gertrud Müller
table tops made out of mosaic by students and their teacher Gertrud Müller
shower wall by Gertrud Müller inspired by roman border pattern (applied to the floor), surrounding leaves and Niemeyer curves
typical roman border pattern – floor mosaic by Gertrud Müller
fish – floor mosaic by Gertrud Müller installed on garden shower

Portas abertas – Open doors

Two mosaic studios, two architects, one psychologist, a fashion designer and a Charity  opened their doors to show their work to the public on May 20. As YOU could not be there look what happened at bloco C at CLN 104 Asa Norte, Brasilia:
mosaic moments studio

I am extremely happy and fortunate to be part of this group of kind, fun, able and open people that are my neighbors in the studio.