THE AYVALIK MOSAIC – finally in Ayvalik – third week

I did it – the wall parts of the mosaic were installed on Thursday. I find help in a very experienced tiling master. Please see it step by step:


for the tiles cement we mixed 2 parts of white and 1 part of grey BASF Mastertile 15  tile cement with about 1 cup of terra-cotta pigments dissolved in water,


applying cement to the wall of the hamam bench


the mosaic tiles laid our near the place that they gonna be installed

sieving a little bit of dry sand with a fine sieve over the mosaic in order to close the grout lines so that the cement can not fill the grout lines completely

sieving a little bit of dry sand with a fine sieve over the mosaic in order to close the grout lines a little bit so that the cement can not fill them completely.



applying tile cement to the part with the dolphins head


Yusuf is a great tiler with a lot of patience. Without ever having worked with this technique he did an excellent job in putting all the tiles exactly fitting into each other in place. And he was not disturbed by my nervousness…


putting the tiles exactly next to one another  and in the right hight


Yusuf exercised great care to join the tiles on their puzzle like edges



The first tile sticks

We mixed terra cotta pigments with water and mixed that with 2 parts white and 1 part grey BASF master tile 15 tile cement

Ready! On Sunday I will wet them and hopefully take the boards away on Monday.

THE AYVALIK MOSAIC – Brasilia Mosaic Moments Studio 6th week

I am writing this blog at 2 am at Sao Paolo airport waiting for my flight to Istanbul depart in  2 hours. The mosaic parts are in my two suitcases which are weighing  almost 50kg. Luckily I did not have to pay excess luggage . The check in personnel had a good day.

Its nice to stay awake at such odd hours because I really want to tell  you about this exciting last week.

On Tuesday I set the last stone. Already when finishing the last figure I felt a slight feeling of procrastination. As much as I do want this project to come to completion as much I dread to let it go. Its my life since almost a year.

And I also grouted the wave mosaic with dark grey grout. I actually only had light grey so I mixed some black pigment in it.  I hope it will not harm the quality of the tile grout.

IMG_6308 IMG_6310

On Wednesday my daughter Louise helped me to tidy up the studio and arrange the mosaics for the show and opening of the studio on Friday.

IMG_6433 I decided to show the parts of the AYVALIK MOSAIC to the public for one afternoon. Whilst speaking to people in Brasilia I sensed that there was an interest in the techniques and art of roman mosaics, so I decided to arrange an open house to start making publicity for my work and studio and to give interested people the chance to see and touch a roman style mosaic.

It was an overwhelming success!IMG_6437

The whole 6 hours we had constantly people in the studio and not only one or two. No! often up to ten people looked, touched and asked so many questions that I had a hard time giving attention and responding to all often in 3 languages at the same time. My phantastic daughter was very confident in talking to the visitors as an expert in roman mosaics although she just started to show an interest in this area. I was impressed!

I would never have thought that this topic and style meets so much interest in Brasil.


Saturday the fishes had another photo shoot in the beautiful light of the tropical sun in our garden

off to the photo shoot

before they were wrapped with styrofoam and bubble wrap and packed tightly with my warm cardigans and down jackets into 2 suitcases. Now they are hopefully safe in the belly of the boing 737 and I will lift them off the belt in Istanbul in 14 hours.



THE AYVLIK MOSAIC – Brasilia studio Asa Norte – fifth week

All is good! Thanks to all your supportive messages, jokes and calls  the dark forces from last week could not get hold of me!

On Monday morning Robson and I sanded most of the stones in our garden. It is much better to do this very dusty work outside, and in the tropics it is possible to work outside all year round


In the afternoon Cida and I put the trial mosaic onto a wall close to the floor as this will be a similar place for the AYVALIK MOSAIC too.


First we filled the gaps with fine sand, then covered the mosaic with tile cementIMG_6283

then pressed it  onto the pricked and wetted wallIMG_6285

On Wednesday I went to the Vitoria stone fair for one day. Vitoria is a coastal town just 1000 km east from Brasilia, a little bit north of Rio de Janeiro. The amount of beautiful stones was overwhelming and fun to see. Much more vivid colors than in Europe. Especially the blues are amazing. In Vitoria I met with Evren and Turgut from Turanbesikoglu  marble. A delightful reunion.


But – these are all granites, quarzides and semi precious stones – definitely not suitable for roman style mosaic. Only two dealers had lime and sand stones but in limited colors.

Back on Thursday and Friday more background stone setting – with the great help from Leyla.


The background is almost done.

On Friday a big relieve – it worked well! the MDF Board and the paper came off easily after wetting it all for 24 h. No hard residues of the glue and paper, I could clean the interstices easily from the sand with a spray bottle. It is just missing the grout, which color shall I choose? I think I go for dark grey.


Saturday I could just plan for the next week. I have one week left to finish, exhibit and pack the AYVALIK MOSAIC to go back to Turkey again.

For the future I started to make plans to build a tumbling machine. The sanding of every little stone is absolutely crazy and inefficient.